It’s OK to Know. It is Divine to Love.

June 12, 2012

God is consciousness. Consciousness is the Alpha and the Omega. Everything is conscious, symbiotically aware of its role. You know without being conscious of it. To be conscious of God within us is to develop into our role, which is to be spiritualized expressions of divine will, free will. Realizing the self is the process of becoming fully spiritualized as an expression of unconditional love. Experiencing this knowledge is why ‘we’ are here. From this angle of vision there is only love. Our choices are spiritual concerns given form for the tasting of bliss. To be fully spiritualized or self-realized is to be tasting, serving and disseminating God’s love. A loving relationship with God is the infinite loop of consciousness, knowing and loving God as a personality, which we choose according to our grace. It’s OK to know. It is DIVINE to love.

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