Cogito ergo sum – I think, therefore I am

September 5, 2012

The essence of words is perceived through the awareness of one’s consciousness. If one is comfortable attempting to describe the metaphor that is God, one might say that God is consciousness possessing the aspect of infinite and total awareness. God would therefore be All and One, Alpha and Omega, Abstract and Ontological. I present this perspective for its “As above, So below” applicability. To say that one unit of consciousness expands its awareness is to state that one’s experience of the knowledge that is awareness, which is God in its essential totality, continues to approach tangible oneness, union, yoga with the DIVINE. Therefore, the metaphor of expanded awareness is describing what Yogiraj states (in this video: as “You are God to the extent you know God. Live for God, God lives for you.”

Further still, when Yogiraj states “Consciousness one’s only god,” he is stating that knowing self, which is essentially consciousness, is the only way to know God. He is therefore directing the quest for spirituality within. The progressive expansion of the aware-ness (being-ness) of one’s conscious-ness (perceptive-ness) is the emptying of the self of all material substance, including thought, which is what gives any ‘thing’ form. As such, the expanded consciousness has the nature of nothing-ness, which is simultaneously all and one, formless, in proportion to one’s experience of the awareness that is God. From this perspective, to say God is Consciousness is to say God is Awareness, which is the result of knowing that “I think (consciousness) therefore I am (awareness).”

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