The Taste of Being

October 29, 2012

From one who has much potential, much preparation should be expected. Preparing for one’s potential is the process of developing a relationship with Destiny. God’s Plan (or ‘Design’) is for us to realize a loving relationship (or Rasa) with one of the Divine personalities, according to the potential that we have cultivated.

As long as we feel that an Other-self Soul is operating in humility, we should strive to recognize and honor the practice of their own religion within their life, although perhaps silently by not offering criticism. It does not matter if we can personally relate to the other-self soul’s conception of what is worshipable within this Reality, for service to the Absolute Truth is going on in so many ways every day. Rare are those souls whose God actually speaks back interactively in an objectifiably observable manner.

The truth of all religion is that humility is synonymous with truth, which in its purest form manifests as religion. In this way, it is impossible to know the other-self soul’s heart without knowing their religion. However, through humility, one can learn to relate “heart to heart” with others without having to accept the details of the other’s religion. On such an elevated platform of understanding, we can begin to account for taste after all, and we see that there is always a preceding pattern to one’s consciousness from which our potential is perpetually manifesting. This design is the Taste of Being. It is the cause of all causes. Pure Emotion. Pure Love.

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