Living Moods

May 22, 2013

Character is the vehicle of mood. It is not who we are. It is how we are… Fine, dandy, ok, well… These are words that place us in the seat of judgment. When we ask or answer the question, “How are you?”, we are inviting or accepting the role of judge. But are we qualified to know? Who or what really decides “how” we are? It is our character, for character is what “moves” our moods, which wash over us like the unstoppable forces of nature, such as wind and rain storms, or a sunshiny day. Therefore, one’s moods are like the weather, which may be predictable to a degree, but is always changing and commands our perpetual adaptation.

Mastery of Nature is not in the stopping of it, for it is natural to be a “product” of our environment. We inhabit Nature, just as who we are is hidden within how we are. If one desires to experience different weather, a change of geographical locality is a logical step, but locality only determines the patterns. It cannot transcend Nature itself, therefore it is just another adaptation. Similarly, we take our Self wherever we go; whatever or wherever or whoever we put our Self into, therein we are. That locality becomes an aspect of our nature.

Character is the framework of feeling. When we say that we are “moved”, it is not our nature that moves us, but our character. If our character is well-suited to our nature, then all activity flows without struggle, just like a river opens into the sea. How we feel comes from the framework, which is our philosophical foundation, the philosophy that we embody or personify. That is to say, that our character is living philosophy. So, when we experience our nature, our character is guiding the conversation that our consciousness is having with nature. This conversation between one’s consciousness and one’s nature manifests and is observable through one’s actions. That is why the old saying is that, “actions speak louder than words.”

We experience a person through their actions, but what we are really observing is the momentum of their mood, carried by the motion of their character, inspired by their nature. The person’s mood reaches us and then becomes like an ocean upon which our character must navigate. So then, our character becomes our sea vessel. Our moods that travel via our character represent our potency and therefore our potential to experience and to be experienced by others.

The character that we choose to build is the full expression (or mood) of our free will. When we have the will (or mood) to change our life, we adapt our behavior, which is the conversation between our vessel (character) and our environment (nature). Therefore, we manifest experience by the force of our moods. Our mood employs our character without thinking about it. It embodies the vessel of our character in order to behave or have action (which is to ‘be’).

“To be, or not to be, that is the question.” (,_or_not_to_be)

What are we then if not expressions of will to be experienced?

We are Living Moods.

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  1. Tulasi-Priya Says:

    What is character?

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