I like saints who are not above or below, but within. The truth of their ups and downs in devotional life are mirrors of our human condition. Their struggles for equilibrium, equanimity and equipoise are living chronicles of how humans ‘normally’ evolve by learning to love, and they have my support. Their stories represent a backlash to the failed pursuit of a religiously prescribed mood of valorous celibacy. So, how can I lose faith or be disappointed in them? After all, their pedestals of purity were fabricated out of fear, not love. This is not natural. I applaud any devotee of Divine Love and Divine Will who never stops showing us the path of self-realization, “As It Is,” full of dust and gravel and endless beauty within reach. It’s Ok To Know…

On the other hand, it is those who continue to pose as scions of piety, instead of adapting their lives to the practical reality of knowing the self, with dignified humility and honesty, who keep us mired in self-deceit. This does not mean that we are owed any explanations, but it does mean that these exalted souls should use their own biography to break down the barriers of institutional exceptionalism that turns away common sense minds from spiritual paths. Taking such responsibility will supercharge the saint’s spiritual life, due to the infusion of authenticity. Humans seem to the be the only living entity whose integrity can increase after suffering the fractures of “falling from grace.” Become To Know…

If our spiritual leaders set the example of practical spiritual living and vulnerability, their emphasis on the principles will have a far-reaching impact. The mood of worshiping any one physical incarnation of “holy person” boxes in all so-called religious organizations, restricting the free flow of love that is the source of all spiritual realization. Respect and veneration of our elders is one thing, but worshiping and following should be a personal activity. It is in such a relationship where true love blossoms. The network of loving association grows from within as one connects with other souls whose loving is also ripe or blossoming. Once we are loving, we are really living and it becomes easy to see that feeling the love is the proof of spiritual truth. Love To Know…

When we stop trying to imagine our way into the moods that we believe will take us towards spiritual achievement, and we instead focus on getting into a loving mood, we will realize how love works mysteriously, not logically or rationally. Authenticity is the basic inspiration of the loving mood that is the foundation of all spirituality. It’s ok to know that even our saints need to learn to love. By their honest example, we can become to know our self in love. Through gradual mastery of this mood, by living this love in personal relationships, we will love to know. The saints are all around us, and we would see this if we could stop ourselves from envying the qualities in other personalities that we wish we already possessed. The process is simple: Accept, Become and Cherish.

Make Love Not War – Engage In UltraLife Yoga

I have found that at a certain point in one’s spiritual progress one’s intuition blossoms into authenticity that cannot be denied. For me this came before I decided to explore adopting religion as a platform for spiritual exploration. It was only after I felt total trust in the sincerity of my intuition’s desire for spiritual truth and service that I felt comfortable interacting with religion once again, after having abandoned it in my late adolescence.

As a programmer, philosopher and poet, I am a conscious observer. I have never really relied on others to tell me how things operate. To me, studying programs, philosophies and poems in a scholarly fashion would only serve to help me construct, formulate and compose variations on similar themes, what many refer to as “reinventing the wheel”.

Instead, my process is intuitive rather than scholarly. This enables me to see life as a dance of artful expression and experience that guides us as much as we guide it, that loves us as much as we love it, a realm of reciprocating emotionality and recursive feedback. Therefore, I am not interested in boiling down truth to a series of spiritual or material equations. After all, objective truth is insubstantial.

Certainly there are limits to what can be expressed through the gross and subtle material senses and faculties, but they possess the duality of input and output. Somewhere in the infinitesimal middle lies the pure potency of potential. When this is visualized with activated authenticity of self (even without full knowledge of self), a connection to Divine Love is established.

Once a taste of Divine Love enlivens the sincerity of one’s intuition, the Divine Will begins to directly guide everything in our life. This leads to direct (as opposed to indirect) experience of knowledge, what some may call truth. One begins to realize that life is less and less characteristic of a pinball in the game machine.

As our truth interacts with the beauty we are now able to percieve in other individuated consciousnesses (‘Other Self’ souls), the union is experienced as Love. This is what it means to “make love not war”. When this love-making propensity permeates our consciousness consistently, we attract ‘Other Me’ souls who will naturally desire to play with us, if we play nicely.

The new associations that our truth attracts, projected as the inner orb of beauty known as the intuitive self, provide the poles needed in order to complete the circuit of inspiration. Without establishing these circuits, what one feels to be love exchanged between birds of a feather is nothing more than a vain reflection of an aspiration to feel understood, a shallow shade of acceptance. Such superficial affinity in the union (yoga) of souls pales in comparison to even the occassional experience of the UltraLife yoga of souls deeply connected inspirationally. This co-creative loving engagement is the substrate of a blissful spiritual journey, for it is rooted in the deep humility recognized in and reciprocated from the heart of the ‘Other Me’. Such knowing is the height of loving potential, and for me at least is invaluable and irreplaceable.

Simply put, UltraLife yoga is the secret yoga that lights the dark night of the soul which inevitably comes as we progress spiritually in ways that ‘Separated Self’ souls would seek to deny, discount or diminish. Nobody can teach this yoga. It is revealed as the gift of sincere surrender to the flow of Divine Love through Divine Will.